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Don't just visit. Belong.

Planning your next holiday? We’ll take you on a journey that helps you discover as much about yourself, as it does a unique new destination. You see, a Homestay offers you a memorable getaway, without packing in expensive accommodation costs. All, while allowing you to unearth local culture, cuisine and traditions in a manner thats immersive as it is enriching.

At Velvett Homestays, we herald a growing number of people who want their travels to be less invasive and more beneficial to the local communities they engage with. And we cant wait to welcome you to this ever evolving band of tourists who go beyond the ordinary. Are you ready to belong?


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To book any of our Homestays or to list any of your properties call our Travelogist on +91 97680 66448/55838 for India / +34 664 88 5448 for Spain
or email us at